Franco N. CROCE

Franco N. CROCE was born in 1952 in Basel. After completing his schooling in Lugano, he studied at the University of Geneva where he obtained his law degree and subsequently passed his bar exam in 1978.

He then joined the legal department of the bank Paribas, where he specialised in legal issues relating to international trade financing.

Subsequently, Franco N. CROCE developed his career within various law firms in Geneva and finally became independent in 1981 (Etude de Me Franco N. CROCE).

In January 2011, Franco N. CROCE, Manuela ROBUTTI-CROCE and Lorenzo CROCE formed a partnership to create CROCE & Associés SA. Since 2013, Franco N. CROCE is also registered as a foreign lawyer in Singapore.

In addition to his traditional legal experience, Franco N. CROCE has extensive experience in the financial sector especially in asset and capital management.

He was the President of a Swiss bank and sat on the board of directors of various Swiss and foreign financial and industrial companies, including a major oil group.

Franco N. CROCE specialises in banking and financial law, company law, stock exchange law, securities law, tax law and commercial arbitration. He works in French, Italian, German and English.

Franco N. CROCE is a member of the Geneva Bar Association, the Swiss Bar Association, the Self-Regulatory Organisation of the Swiss Bar Association and the Swiss Notaries Association, the International Fiscal Association and the Swiss Arbitration Association.

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